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The Electronic Component Distribution Report 2017

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Important information about the electronics market.

European Electronic Components Distribution Report 2017 is the
27th Year of Publication.
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The report offers a unique insight into the electronic component distribution industry.

The report is compiled from input written by local managers in each country who have detailed knowledge of the local and international electronic component distribution industry.

The overall study is prepared by people who have a deep involvement with the electronic component industry.

The printed report also contains a CD Rom giving all the reports in pdf format and the graphs and tables in Excel format.

The report is purchased and used by component manufacturers, distributors, major equipment manufacturers and the financial communities across the world.

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Additional information can be obtained from the Europartners Forum Team by email at:
or on phone/fax +44 1494 563503.


  • What impact does the decline have for the whole electronics industry?
  • How will the electronic component industry react and will the current supply channel system survive?
  • How can companies overcome the crisis and be prepared for when the market picks up?

These were some of the questions, which senior managers, from all over the world, answered in their presentations and in discussions with the audience. The delegates could consider their own strategies against the thinking of other executives (...more)


The Europe Electronics Digest is a service for busy executives who want to receive an overview of what is happening in the Electronic Components Industry, that is quick and easy to read.

What has been really important in Europe for the electronics industry over the last week?
In Germany?
In UK?
In France?
In the rest of Europe?

Could you list the major mergers, acquisitions in electronics for the past month? You need all recent major announcements in semiconductor industry?

And what about Passive components industry?
EMS providers?

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